City Las Vegas Jail


If a friend or family member is arrested, you can find information about the arrestee by calling or City Las Vegas Jail Inmate Search Line 702-608-2245. The City’s Detention Center website has all the information you need to stay in contact with the arrestee. You can learn about processing and bail, bonding, calling an arrestee and much more information. The website tells you about how to leave money for an arrestee, how to arrange visits, and how the arrestee can release their property. It should be the first place you visit after the arrest. The search link is beneath the title at the top of the page.

What is the City of Las Vegas Jail?

The City of Las Vegas Jail is the detention center where all individuals are booked on misdemeanor offenses committed within Las Vegas city limits.

Where is the City of Las Vegas Jail Located?

The Las Vegas City Jail is located at 3300 Stewart Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada.

What happens to an Inmate in the City of Las Vegas Jail?

Misdemeanor offenders arrested within city limits are booked and processed. This includes properly identifying the offender. The paperwork with details of the incident is completed and checked for accuracy. All of the arrestees’ items are recorded, including money receipts and other personal property. Next, the arrestee is health screened by a medical professional. After fingerprinting, the arrestees remain in jail until court arraignment, bail is posted, the arrestee is bonded, may be released on their own recognizances or is sentenced. During this time you can search for the arrestee by name or id number.

How do I Search for an Inmate in the City of Las Vegas Jail?

The City jail website has a link, “Search for an Inmate”, at the top of the detention center’s main page. Click the link and search by first and last name or inmate id.

How do I get an Inmate out of the City of Las Vegas Jail?

You can post bail for an arrestee 7 days a week online or at the bail window. You can use a credit card, MasterCard, Discover, or Visa. You can also use cash and need to present the exact amount. The bail window is in the detention center at 3300 Stewart Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada. The arrestee can also be bonded. Bonding companies should complete and fax form D&E Form 373. There is a link on the Detention Center home page under Bail Hotline.

Providing Money for an Inmate

The City of Las Vegas jail website has information and links to help you make an arrestee’s stay less stressful. You can leave money for an arrestee online, by phone, and in person. A link to Access Corrections website, the place to register to leave money for an arrestee, is on the detention center’s website. To leave money online for an arrestee, you must register. To leave money by phone, use the number on the website. In person you can deposit money using a kiosk inside the Detention Center during visitation. The kiosk accepts Discover, MasterCard and Visa as well as cash. Cash is immediately available to the inmate.

Visiting an Inmate

The Detention Center also has the visitation schedule posted on the website. It includes unit numbers and visitation hours and days. To visit, you must be pre-approved. The arrestee must submit your first, middle and last name and date of birth. You will present your photo identification during the visit. Arrive 30 minutes early to check in before visiting. You are not allowed to visit of you are a convicted felon, on active probation, parole or conditional release. You also can not have outstanding warrants, be threatening to the arrestee or the facility, show signs of drugs or alcohol use or be dressed inappropriately.

Calling an Inmate

If you want an inmate to call, an account must be set up with a pre-paid debit account. With this account the inmate is allowed to make calls. You will find all the information to establish an account on the Detention Center’s website. The inmate will only be able to make collect calls without an account. You will also find the address and rules concerning written corresponds on the website.

Inmates Property

An inmate can release his property by filling out a property release form or someone outside the facility can request one at the bail window between 8:00 and 10:00 am and pm. The release of property includes all property and money, including money for bail.

Inmate Support Services

The Detention Center offer support services while an arrestee is in custody including recreational activities, religious services, around the clock medical care, and counseling. They are also assigned jobs to help them develop work and social skills. Arrestee release information is not given out but the website does contain information about where they can be picked up. Use the search to keep track of your friend or family member.

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